Department:Analytics Division
Arabic Media Analyst

JTG is currently seeking an experienced Arabic Media Analyst. The Analyst will draft proposed responses and other messages in the specified foreign language and translate these responses into English for review. The Analyst will develop and maintain familiarity with USG policy on designated issues and be able to draw upon publicly available, cleared USG information resources and the vast resources of quality information about the United States available online. Additionally, the Analyst will assist in the production and electronic dissemination of multimedia materials in the Arabic language and post responses online in Arabic.

Location: Washington, DC

Position reports to the Program Manager.

The requirements for successful applicants are:

  • Proven expertise in the Arabic online environment and in-depth knowledge of culture and history of the countries where the language is widely spoken or preferably is the national language
  • Working knowledge of online media and social networking platforms is needed along with required experience with multimedia production (video, audiovisual, graphics) is a plus
  • High-level capability in the Arabic language, particularly in writing which allows the analyst to understand and communicate in the current online environment
  • Degree from an accredited university-level institution
  • Two to three years experience in a field related to communications or as an analyst is required
  • United States high school-level equivalent written and spoken English proficiency and some experience living in a foreign country where the specified language is widely spoken, and is preferably the national language
  • Candidates shall satisfactorily pass the DOT language testing

Founded in 1995, JTG is an Employee-Owned Company that is specialized in language services, training, and analytics. JTG is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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