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Senior Level Exploitation Specialists Nationwide
Title:Senior Level Exploitation Specialists Nationwide
Location:Multiple Locations

Senior Level Exploitation Specialists Nationwide

JTG is currently seeking Senior Level Exploitation Specialists in the following languages:

Afrikaans (Dutch, Flemish), Albanian, Amharic, Arabic (Modern Standard and all dialects), Armenian (Eastern and Western), Azerbaijani, Baluchi, Bengali, Bosnian (Croatian, Serbian), Bulgarian (Macedonian), Burmese, Cambodian (Khmer), Cebuano, Chechen, Chinese-Cantonese, Chinese-Fukien/ Taiwanese, Chinese-Mandarin (all dialects not listed as separate languages), Chinese-Shanghai/Wu, Croatian (Bosnian, Serbian), Czech (Slovak), Danish, Dari, Dutch (Afrikaans, Flemish), Estonian, Ewe, Finnish, Flemish (Afrikaans, Dutch), French, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo (Ibo), Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Kissi, Korean , Kurdish, Lao, Latvian (Lettish), Lingala, Lithuanian, Macedonian (Bulgarian), Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Moldovan (Romanian), Mongolian, Montenegrin (Serbian), Nepali, Norwegian, Panjabi (Punjabi), Pashto, Persian/Farsi, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian and European), Romanian (Moldovan), Russian, Serbian (Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin), Sindhi, Slovak (Czech), Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili (Kiswahili), Swedish, Tagalog, Tajik, Tamil, Tausug, Telugu, Thai, Tibetan, Tigrinya, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Yoruba, Zulu

Location: Reston, VA


  • Monitor, collect, and condition (e.g. structure, categorize/code/tag, highlight, comment on) foreign open source information to include social media, radio, television, newspapers, blogs, websites, and various Internet sites
  • Follow technical instructions for the use of exploitation tools and data-centric processes
  • Identify items meeting mission requirements
  • Condition data according to requirements
  • Import data into a designated data repository when required
  • Review feeds from English-language sources to determine suitability for further dissemination in reporting stream and condition/enrich selected items according to requirements
  • Describe the information environment, and alert superiors to changes, including shifts in the biases, influence, and overall intelligence value of sources
  • Transcribe, summarize, or gist information into English
  • Produce reports in English
  • Prioritize information and provide guidance to translators regarding how that information should be reported in products
  • Demonstrate an understanding of information collected from the latest digital media platforms and widely used terminology
  • Find and/or extract information from various sources
  • Evaluate source authoritativeness and relevance

Basic Qualifications:

  • U.S. citizenship
  • Proficiency in reading, listening, and comprehension of the source language with the ability to transcribe the foreign language, summarize, and gist
  • Ability to pass translation performance tests at ILR levels 4 or higher
  • Significant subject matter expertise or education in politics, leadership, culture, religion, international relations, economics, energy, counter proliferation, cyber threats, counternarcotic, military, science and technology, counterterrorism, or media of a particular country or region.
  • 3-10 years of experience evaluating sources, conducting research, synthesizing and summarizing findings, and writing reports in English in accordance with designated standards, or commensurate training in education in a relevant field of study
  • Knowledge about Internet penetration rates, and patterns of use across a variety of print and broadcast formats, social media platforms, and digital and mobile applications.
  • Fundamental knowledge and experience working with Microsoft Office suite and Internet tools.
  • Demonstrated expertise in media/information and source behavior.


  • Bachelor’s degree minimum or 4 years of relevant experience

This position reports to the Task Manager.

Founded in 1995, JTG is an Employee-Owned Company that is specialized in language services, training, and analytics. JTG is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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